Cohen Sieg

At 19 years old, Cohen Sieg has been writing and performing for almost half his life. Hailing from Sieg's Corner, MB, he has become a local favourite while making his way to festivals, events, and open mics across the country. Cohen is a pop/folk singer-songwriter who is known for playing guitar, but is also a talented multi-instrumentalist playing a full band of instruments including bass, keyboard, saxophone, and percussion, to name a few. Cohen is a solo-musician but with the help of his looper, his captivating performances encompass the sounds and impact of a full band. Cohen has been receiving accolades since his humble beginnings in rural Manitoba, but has quickly expanded his reach, including Los Angeles, CA, where he holds a certificate from the Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music and Perth, WA, where he toured in the fall of 2018.

He has a passion for music that is undeniable, and you can hear it in his songs, such as his independently released single "Goodbye", and one of his many covers including songs "Treat You Better," "In the Air Tonight," and "Attention." With his much anticipated album in the works, nothing is going to slow him down.


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